Many experienced, knowledgeable and competent adult educators have no formal teaching qualification. If this situation applies to you, then the REAL Toolkit will help you get recognition for what you have learned so far as an adult educator, by universities, colleges and employers. The resources can also be used to help you make plans for your professional development, with a view to achieving excellence in the practice of adult education.

The Scottish REAL Toolkit is mapped to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework whilst the European REAL Toolkit is designed to support adult educators across Europe. The Toolkits support a process known as the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which allows what people have learned through their personal experience to be counted.

‌Adult education is very diverse. It operates across the public, private and non-profit sectors, with educators and learners coming from all walks of life. The resources on this site are geared specifically towards those for whom the education of adults takes up the bulk of their job. If your role is concerned more with the management of adult education, please refer to the Flexipath project which developed a Recognition of Prior Learning toolkit for adult education organisers and managers, available in a range of European languages.

Adult educators at the centre

The tools and activities were developed for adult educators, by adult educators. Usually we are concerned entirely with what our learners have learned. We give much less attention to what we have learned from our experience as adult educators.  The toolkits hosted on this website help adult educators to put their own learning first, placing adult educators at the centre.

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